Saturday, 2 April 2011

Who let the tide in?

A rare weekend off and undecided what I was to do with it, and my options were as changeable as the weather.
However, my mind was made up for me when the sun split the clouds and it looked like a glorious day beckoning.
As it was too late to go romping into the hills, I headed along the coast to Shell Bay and parked there with the intention of strolling along the coastal path and doing the Chain Walk.


Now...this is what I was meant to be doing.  However, I was in for a letdown, as after scrambling off the path, down the rocks, and finding the start of the walk, I encountered this....
Yep...the tide was in and I couldn't even get to the first part of the walk without the use of a canoe or getting the boots and socks off and wading knee-deep to the first section of chain.   So...back up the cliffs and continued on the coastal path, and a bonus at the end by dropping into the Ship Inn at Elie.

Checking the weather for tomorrow to see if it's worth a wee wander.

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