Monday, 11 April 2011

Meall Glas & Sgaith Chuil

It was a glorious sunny Sunday as I set off to Lochearnhead, and there met up with Cathy and Digger, then waited on the Glenrothes Hillwalkers bus to pass, and tailed that to the start of the walk, which was setting off from Auchessen Farm.
As it was a fairly large group, it was split into 3, first group doing Meall Glas, 2nd heading up Sgiath Chuil, and the idiots....(hands up here), doing both, starting with Meall Glas.

Meall Glas & Beinn Cheathaich seen from Sgaith Chuil summit

It was quite a gentle, but boggy ascent to the first of the Munros, but Digger the dog took great delight in rolling in the bog ponds and sliding down the snowy slopes on his tummy. Sarnies at the top, then headed over to Beinn Cheathaigh, ready for the steepish decent into the valley, then an even steeper climb to the ridge of Sgaith Chuil.   If it hadn't been so hot, the views over to Ben More would have been stunning but there was a heat haze taking the edge off things.  By this time, it was getting like the dance of a thousand veils, as layer upon layer of clothing was being shed.
I wanted to put Digger on the lead to help pull me to the summit, but Cathy wouldn't let me...Spoilsport.

Luckily 3/4's of the way up, I decided to break away from the group as I had spotted a path running parallel to the ridge, but climbing gently, and hurrah!! got to the top of the ridge way ahead of the masochists doing the vertical stuff.

Cue 2nd sarnie break at the top, and Digger had nibbles from everyone elses lunch as well, so he was a very happy dog.


Cathy and Digger on the summit of Sgiath Chuil

So, a bee-line descent back to the start which involved a bit of river crossing which in full spate would likely deem this route impractical.

Then came the drive up to Loch Ness to finish fitting the additional roof slates onto Hobbit 10, and a big difference in the weather as it was chucking it down, so a greater part of the morning was just waiting on a weather window.  Eventually, it slowed to a drizzle and the job got done, then the long drive home to a lovely hot bath.

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