Friday, 8 April 2011

Back from Loch Ness

It rained...and rained...and rained.
We were up at Loch Ness to do an annual service on the Microlodges and after an early morning start, 170 mile drive...nothing, so we could have just stayed at home.
So, it was a few beers at the local hotel and in bed for 9 as the Met office said sunny day tomorrow and for once, they were fairly right.

Gary and Ewan on yet another break!!

However, we only got 9 out of the 10 done, so I'm back off up there on Monday.

A braw view up the loch.

Hurrah, my new 'toy' has arrived. I treated myself to a Satmap Active 10 gps unit and been playing with that today and downloading gpx files for it.  So far it seems pretty good, and for the price, it should be.  I'm very impressed so far.

So, tomorrow, I'm going for a wee stroll with my toy up the West Lomond to make sure I'm ok with it before Sundays jaunt to Meall Glas and Sgiath Chuil, a couple of Munros at Glen Dochart.
Then it's back to Loch Ness for me, solo this time and hopefully home on the Monday night, quick sleep, the off to Hawick for the day on Tuesday.

Then on the Wednesday, Simba, the wee Tibetan Spaniel that came to stay with me for a few days last month is going to be a permanent fixture in the household.  Hurrah.

If I don't post again, you'll know I never got to grips with the GPS and am still wandering the mountains...

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