Monday, 14 March 2011

Woodys Wagons

Brrr..   We seem to have reverted to winter again, or we had a 2 week Spring and I've missed Summer and Autumn.

We are now well into the builds of the wagons for Pinewood in Scarborough, and fitted the wiring and insulation today. All the bunks are installed, and tomorrow we start fitting the external loglap cladding.
Gary got to leave the shop early today as he got the job of sourcing the tarp coverings.  The wagon wheels have arrived ok, so looking forward to seeing them rather than the 'dummy' plywood thingies I rigged up.  The rope is also on its way for the rigging, so I will also get to demonstrate my old seamanship skills with the backsplicing and knots.

Sunday was my day off, and so watched the rugby, and although we lost down south, Scotland at least showed some passion and we never got completely humiliated this time.

Laying out the frame and dummy wheels

Single bunks and kitchen fitted

Front porch cladded (awaiting seats)

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