Friday, 4 March 2011

Wild West Wagons

We have decided to take tomorrow off as we've still not recovered from the Welsh excursion and are both tired and grumpy and ready to throw hammers at each other.  Jeez, I've spent more time this week with Gary than his missus has done.  She must be a saint. :-)

We got sent some pics from Anna and Miles at The Willows, so I'll include these on this blog.  I never actually realised I was taller than Gary, although I knew he had a tad more girth than me...... (I'm being polite..)

Today, with the help of Kerry at Pinewood, we sourced the wheels for their Wild West Wagons. Both the base frames are now made and all the walls are ready to be fitted, so Sunday will see some good progress being made.

My cat is happier now that my weeks doggy-sitting is over and he is King of the House once again.  I even bought him treats to say sorry, although I must admit I miss the wee dog.  He was incredibly strong for his size and always managed to physically drag me into the Den Inn at walk times....

We were clean and smart 2 hours ago...honest.

Base frame all ready for us. You can still see the trucks axles at this point...

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