Sunday, 20 February 2011

Footie day

A nice wee lie in for a change today, fluffy rolls for breakfast and Celtic v Rangers game due to start in an hour, so it will be either tears and beers, or grins and gins....
Cat is going crazy as he can't understand that his cat-flap (aka, the bathroom window), is now a no go zone due to our friendly local burglars.
I'm not looking forward to tomorrow morning with a big wood delivery due, so I may take a leaf out of Garys book and skulk just around the corners until I see the truck has been offloaded.
I just realised that my laptop case has also been taken with my press clippings from when I was gigging in Spain, so if anyone is offered embarrassing newspaper photos on the black market of a guy dressed as either a Bay City Roller, Hank Williams or Eddie Cochran...please give the guy money and then burn them...

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