Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Mini Hobbits

The first of the new Mini-Hobbits are now in production with an immediate order for 4 units to go to Kinlochleven asap.
The smaller versions are perfect for single walkers and couples, and fitted with a choice of either a double bunk, or 2 single bunks.
They still have the TV, fridge and microwave capabilities like their big brothers though.
All in all, another good excuse for me to do a few more hills in the beautiful Glencoe area when the first 2 are sent for delivery.
Another added bonus is that I managed to get a gig at the Ice Factor in Kinlochleven, so the guitar will get an outing as well.
Yesterday was spent visiting the Cateran Trail from Blairgowrie to Glenshee looking at possible Hobbit locations, so a good day for me.  Gary had the drive North and back to Glencoe, so I think I had the better of the days yesterday.

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