Monday, 13 September 2010

Interesting week

Well then, Tuesday was good. Went to the hillwalking meetiing in Glenrothes and we received a lecture on the Cateran Trail, something I was not even aware existed. Looks good, and the guys there doing a lot of work promoting it. More info at

Then on Friday, I did a wee trek up the Bishop hill and over to the West Lomond in 30ft visibility. I know I wanted some compass work...but that was ridiculous. On the plus side, as it was so wet, I was able to descend 400ft down the West Lomond on my butt, thus saving the walk down.

Then on Sunday, it was a 6 am start and off up to Tyndrum for a wee stroll up Ben Chuirn, and once again saw sod all from the top due to the mist.

I think I should just sit in a sauna for all the good I've been getting from the views recently. It did however clear up, just as we got back down into the valley.  Typical.

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