Monday, 19 September 2011

Dragons Den pods

Well well, I see pods have been on Dragons Den and Theo has invested.  Do we have serious competition?
Well, I think not.
The reason being, is when we were asked to go on Dragons Den 2 years ago, we reckoned that to hand over 30% of our company, we would realistically need to charge 30% more for a unit, and turned down their offer to appear.

Why?  Well, for a start, we enjoy being in our own workshop and not mass producing in some faceless factory somewhere, so it seemed a tad silly to put ourselves under that sort of pressure where doing something we love would turn into a chore.

As we only build 2 to 3 units per month, we found we could maintain strict quality control.

Big business or satisfying occupation?  We made our choices and are more than happy with them.

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