Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Ben Narnain & The Cobbler

They always say, if you're going to stop smoking, tell everyone as it makes it more difficult to back out of the challenge.

Therefore, using the same philosophy, this Sunday coming, I hope to at last 'thread the needle' of Ben Arthur, or better known as The Cobbler, combined with climbing Ben Narnain.

This is of course weather dependent, and as readers of my blog know, I'm a big girls blouse when it comes to climbing anything higher than Bonos opinion of himself.
I have also come across a weird anomaly.  My super-duper Silva Ranger compass has reversed its polarity and I have no idea why this could happen.  Any suggestions?
It's no big deal as I just need to remember that the big red bit wot says North is in fact South and carry on as normal.

At work, we are designing bike and ski storage units to sit alongside the Hobbit Houses, so having fun.

Then, the weekend after next, with luck I'll be heading back to Kinlochleven Hobbits and, with someone who knows what they're doing, will attempt to tackle the Aonach Ridge.

At this point...there is no going back...

I sometimes think my time could be wasted more productively by learning to Photoshop, stay at home with a beer in my hand... and pasting myself into exotic locations.

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