Monday, 5 September 2011

The Danger of Currys


Boy...and I thought I was in for a tough time.
My laptop hard drive had fried after just 6 months, so I duly took it back to Currys.

There was 2 of us in the queue at customer services, and although I reckoned I was the most aggrieved, I let the customer beside me 'go first' as he was one of the few there older than I.

His tale was a joy to behold.    It went something like this...

Customer:- " Hello, I've come to collect my TV" and produces the receipt.
Customer relations (after 5 minutes search) "Sorry Sir, not one of ours"
Me, "Well, he does have a chitty wot says Currys on it"
Customer relation, " Oh, so it does, I'll check again"
Customer " Wanker"
Customer relations "Ah, it was in for was goosed and replaced"
Customer "Lovely"
Customer relations, "Yes, you collected the replacement last week"
Customer, "Ermm, I think I saw a large vacant space in my living room this morning"
Me "Gasp...guffaw"

Then...believe it or not...customer replies, "I'll go home and check" and proceeds to walk out of the store.

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