Thursday, 27 October 2011

Glencoe Mountain

Well, it's a cold and wet morning here in the Kingdom of Fife, so looks like the workshop wood burner will be going full blast.

It's certainly been an entertaining week for us.

It was a few long shifts getting the first of 10 microlodges ready for transportation up the Glencoe Mountain ski resort, of which we have had to keep fairly quiet about until the written planning approval came through, but now we can shout GLENCOE MOUNTAIN.  There is also provision for further units upon performance figures for the winter season.

You can visit by clicking here,

This location is perfect for all year round activity, nestled right next to the wonderful Buachaille Etive Mor. It's also slap bang on the West Highland Way, and boasts the downhill mountain bike track, archery and of course...skiing.   There is a large cafe/bar on site, plus another atop the mountain accessed by the skilift, or by walking if you're a nutter like me.

Loading up.

Then we received a solicitors letter on behalf of the Squillionairres of the film industry, namely Saul Zaentz Company, in the good 'ole US of A,  informing us we would face legal action if we dare use the word H0881t in connection with our microlodges.

To be honest, I'm fairly sure that when JRR was writing his H00881t books for his son, he would have been delighted to be sitting in a microlodge on a lovely summer evening, but hey, how are 2 'wee guys' from Fife going to manage to take on the heavyweight might of Hollywood?

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