Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Wet Wet Wet

Once again, the day I decide to head off out leaving Gary to take care of the business, it poured with rain.
Todays stroll was to take in a route from the reservoir at Leslie, head West to John Knox's Pulpit, skirt West Lomond to the Bunnet Stane, uphill to summit West Lomond, then back to the start point.

I had company this time, being big Davie and my nephew Danny, first time up the hill for both of them. After yesterday, it's probably the last....

Approach to the pulpit.

2 very soggy companions

The smart one of the shelter.

After a wee break at the Pulpit, we skirted the hill and headed towards the Bunnet Stanes.  The intention was to get a photo shot atop the stone itself, but due to the weather and an incredible amount of sheep poo, made the rock far too slippy, and the highlight of the day was watching Danny try crossing the gap and falling 10ft into a pile of sh*t.  We had to settle for a pic of 'the eye' and had lunch inside the cave instead. This also gave us a chance to remove the boots and pour out the water and wring out the socks.

As it should have been.....

As it was.    The Eye at the Bunnet.

Then, it was onward and upwards via a series of zig-zags rather than attempt the more vertical route up through the rock. I thought it was raining again, but it transpired it was just Daves tears when he thought he was at the top and it was a 'false summit'.  

At last reached the top, much to the relief of Davie.

Then, the weirdest bit of luck.   Halfway down the hill, Davie realised he had lost his wedding ring..somewhere.  We backtracked up the slopes, and actually found it.  What are the chances of that??

It's now nice and sunny today, so all the gear outside getting dried off. Funny how the sun always shines on work days..

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