Sunday, 31 March 2019


So, you may wonder, does Skye really need yet more tour guides when we at present already have a plethora of perfectly good companies doing the mini-bus circuit already?

Well, according to us, indeed yes.

You see, whistle-stop trips around the island where you 'do' 6 places in a day yet never really get to appreciate the land, is in our opinion a bit of a wasted opportunity.

What we reckon is you are far better to do one or two places properly, walk the land, feel the wind and even better, enjoy the sights that usually remain unseen.

Where we intend to differ from the mainstream companies, is as we actually live here on this magnificent island, and through many years of walking, we know where the hidden gems are, well away from any layby and rarely see another soul on many occasions.

With this in mind, and to maintain a 'personal touch', we recommend your group size should ideally consist of only up to 4 persons, (and dogs of course), in order that we can give you our undivided attention, (and of course get to know you all better).


Now, whilst we won't be taking you up any Munros of course, a favourite walk of ours is a fine wee mountain, Ben Tianavaig, and whilst only coming in at 1,400ft, it affords the most amazing views, looking North to the Trotternish ridge, East over to the island of Raasay and over to the twin peaks of Glamaig, with The Cuillin Ridge off in the distance.

This walk can be done in just a few hours if you hoof it, but, we much prefer an nice easy ascent with lots of stops for pics on the way up....and of course, keeping an eye open should any of the white tailed sea eagles decide to swoop by, or dolphins swim past in the sound below. This is not a hill to be rushed, such is it's splendour.

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