Wednesday, 11 July 2012

It's Summer???

It's been a while since we posted, mainly due to the fact that age is creeping in...and thereby my ability to remember passwords has diminished accordingly.  Thus after hours of mental torture, I have regained access to the blog.

Well, we did manage to get 2 units built rather swiftly for Tyndrum at the By The Way Hostel.

They are certainly in a prime location, and were being booked into within minutes of arrival. You can't ask for better than that.

We then got cracking on units 5 & 6 for Glencoe Mountain resort, who opened to the public last long last.

6 at Glencoe.

It's certainly not been all work though as Gary had some hols & nipped off to Turkey for a while, and myself & Blaze took the chance to get some adventures in. We managed at last to do the Bidean climbs which was lots of fun, and also 2 Munros at Bridge of Orchy...with lots of snow still in evidence.

Me & Blaze on summit of Ben Dorian

We then managed a trip to the site at Kinlochleven and had a wee catch-up with Callum which was fun.

Blackwater Hostel Kinlochleven.

Blaze even managed to sneak his bear into the rucksacks.

We even had a 1st (and last) attempt at waterskiing. I think the water levels in Lochearn have been reduced by a few inches after I swallowed copious gallons of it.

Blaze was non too happy with being left on the shore during my pathetic attempts at this sport, but came round a bit when we were able to take him & his labrador buddy, Digger, in for a swim afterwards.

Blaze, Digger & Cathy in Lochearnhead

We have also been informed...sound trumpets.... that High Seas Hobbit
have been visited and filmed by the BBC with the programme due to air in September, so best of luck to them as they have worked really hard at getting their business recognition.

In the midst of all this flurry of activity, there was one very special day, when my youngest girl was sent packing, at long last...

The proud father & beautiful daughter

Of course, I had to explain that 'someone' wasn't invited...

Anyhow...enough for one blog, and now that the password has been noted down...yet again, it will hopefully not be too long until the next.

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