Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Bigger and better

New plans have been drawn up now for the next build of our extended microlodges. The length has been stretched to 15ft 9", thereby allowing us to install a 'mini kitchen' area near the doors.
This will consist of a fridge, microwave, kettle and worktop area in addition to the freeview TV already installed, to make a visit to our microlodges even better.
The plans for this can be seen on the website.
Also due to customer feedback, coathooks will be fitted in the porch area, and vents fitted to allow better airflow, as we were informed that the lodges were too warm.
Now the good news....even with these additions, the price will stay the same for orders submitted to us this year, but due to our wood stock prices due to rise by 10% soon, there will likely need to be a small price rise come 2010.

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