Monday, 24 November 2008

The Hobbit House

Please don't drop it!!!

The first of 6 from the Microldge range has now been delivered to Sauchope Links Park in Crail.

More details of our Microlodges can be found at

Our microlodges were developed to allow warm, dry shelter to campers, cyclists on tour and customers who are aware of and make use of other products such as wigwams etc. 

The Microlodge can also be fitted out as a cozy home office.

Each microlodge has as standard, 1 double bed, 2 single beds, fan heater, double power socket, smoke alarm, french doors, rear wall window, 2 porch seats, 4 lights (1 reading, 2 room and 1 porch).

Ready for bed?

Dusk on a wintery day

The Romany Caravan


bean said...

hi there ive just been looking at these fantastic lodges. Is it possible for to kit one out for my kid for a sort of play area which would be safe, shelterd and for his benfit very cool. it would need to have soft flooring and perhaps a tv/dvd system. Also what are the dimensions of the pod? look forward to your responce.

Steve Millar said...

Good morning,
The lodges can be adapted at the order stage. The bunks can be removed and replaced with built-in desks etc. Recommended flooring would be carpet tiles. Regards the Tv system, I would recommend a small flat screen LCD with built in DVD player, available in Argos at a reasonable cost. The dimensions are 14ft X 8ft overall length, 12 ft X 7ft 7" internal.
If ordered as a wagon, it needs to be mounted on a 40mm high platform to allow fitment of the wagon wheels. Hope this info helps.